Graph Search- Week 1.

Facebook Graph…

I’ve recently received access to Facebook’s new graph app…I do not really see this working out. Not only has it asked me at least six times a day to follow the tutorial but I also am not experiencing any added benefits. I’m not sure if I will ever use the top search bar to search anything but peoples names. In the article Facebook Graph Review on the writer Chris Treadaway discusses the benefits of using Graph…but i’m still not convinced.

I’m very loyal to websites like trip advisor and yelp and I’m not sure if the graph search app is going to be good enough to compete. It simply just has Facebook users who have liked or “checked in” to a location listed when you search it. For example, when I graph search Bagel and Deli to see if it would be a good restaurant to eat it has to do a web search on it instead of coming up with an automatic summary of what people thought of the restaurant.

The one cool thing about the new graph search is that you can find out where people have worked. For example, if I wanted to reach out to someone who worked at Bagel and Deli then I could put in “People who work at Bagel and Deli” in the graph search bar and a whole page of people who have worked or currently work at B&D pops up!

The search can also be refined to find something more specific.

Maybe as I get more used to this search bar I will use it more but as of now I don’t even see when I would need to find out some of the information this graph search can provide. I can’t wait to see how it works out.


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